Our 2-Channel Universal Stepper Motor Controller (USMC) provides two configurable stepper motor drive circuits suitable for driving either two independent stepper motors or one dual-redundant stepper motor pair.

The 2-Channel USMC may receive commands from the host system either in the form of isolated (optically coupled) discrete commands, or in serial digital (RS-422/485) format. The stepper motors may be of any configuration, either 2-phase or 3-phase, either unipolar or bipolar.

Output waveshapes are synthesized using high-efficiency Pulse Width Modulation, to provide constant-current pulses to the motor windings, regardless of fluctuations in the +28 VDC line voltage.

Microstepping is also available, with resolution down to 1/64. EMI filters on the input line provide compliance with Conducted Emitted (CE) and Conducted Susceptibility (CS) requirements of MIL-STD-461E. Output filters and gaskets provide compliance with Radiated Susceptibility (RS) and Radiated Emitted (RE) requirements.

The serial digital (RS-422/485) Status/Telemetry Output provides Temperature data from two RTD temperature sensors, which may be connected externally at convenient locations, e.g. the two stepper motors. 

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