Application Considerations

Some important characteristics/features of voice coils are as follows:

  • Due to the simple construction and electrical interface, voice coil actuators are generally a low cost alternative to other types of brushless motors
  • Limited motion or stroke
  • Can be positioned with a high degree of accuracy
  • Capable of high accelerations
  • Low friction and hysteresis
  • Voice coils offer cogless operation

Custom Voice Coil Applications

When you contact Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions about your voice coil application please be prepared to discuss the following requirements:

  • Maximum Force
  • Stroke
  • Acceleration
  • Duty Cycle

Other parameters of interest to the motor designer are:

  • Available envelope
  • Controller constraints (current, interfaces etc.)
  • Description of the mass to be moved
  • Temperature range
  • Other special environmental requirements (vibration, vacuum, etc.)
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