Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions Provides Critical Technologies for Advanced Munitions

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions provides enabling technology and products for advanced munitions such as guided projectiles, mortars, bombs and all types of missiles.  We provide technology that supports complex weapon guidance, navigation, control, target detection/fuzing and actuation in the harshest of environments from ballistic high shock (> 100,000g) to space-based radiation-hardened subsystems.  We have shipped more than 500,000 subsystems and components in support of the munitions market. 

Missile & Projectile Subsystems and Products

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions’ legacy has been in providing state-of-the-art RF, microwave and millimeter wave subsystems for missile and projectile applications.  Major subsystems include missile seeker sensing electronics, apertures and gimbals; high power transmitters, high stand-off power receivers, transceivers, exciters, wide and narrow band frequency converters, datalink and datalink antenna, telemetry and telemetry antenna, GPS antenna, precision motor and motor controllers, actuators, and radiation hardened ASIC and mission processors.  Advanced packaging of components and subsystems along with circuit card assembly (CCA) is also available. 

Hypersonics Missiles & Hypervelocity Projectiles

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions is continuously investing for the future and advancing our technology to meet the needs of our customers and ultimately those of our warfighters.  Significant investment in the following areas are being made to support the emerging hypersonic market:

  • High temperature antenna
  • Advanced Millimeter Wave missile sensors
  • Application specific RF/uW/mmW Products
  • Datalink and Telemetry subsystems
  • Miniature/precision motors and actuators
  • RadHard Processor, ASIC and CCA solutions to support prompt dose rate/HAENS requirements
  • Advanced Packaging


Our Capabilities

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