Pronounced solstice, SOLSTx is an affordable, reliable, and scalable Solid State Transmitter solution with a number of advantages over traditional systems.

Why Solid State

Radar transmitters using Vacuum Electronics Devices (VED) such as Klystrons, Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT), Magnetrons and Crossed-Field Amplifiers (CFA) have high operational and sustainment (O&S) costs, require very high voltage power supplies, and the systems are not proven to have high reliability. 


GaN-based Solid State Transmitter (SST) technology has a number of advantages over traditional systems.  Compared to VEDs used in current transmitter designs, SOLSTx offers the following advantages: 

  • Significant increase in Mean Time Between Critical Failure (MTBCF)
  • Substantial decrease in O&S costs
  • Graceful degradation (as opposed to single point of failure/instantaneous shutdown) in the event of hardware failure
  • Significantly lower Phase Modulation (PM) noise levels resulting in higher Clutter Improvement Factor (CIF)
  • Significantly lower out of band emission reducing the interference with adjacent radars and commercial communication signals
  • Reductions in size, weight, and power offer increased system efficiency
  • Higher Duty Cycle (Up to 10%)
  • Greater range of pulse widths (Up to 100µS)
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