The SAT1736-S is a transportable, multi-role, dual-band, dual-polarization, dual-aperture Tx and Rx data-link and SATCOM terminal.

This system consist of a narrowbeam reflector with interchangeable feeds to support either a dual (X/Ku), Tx/Rx data link or a Ku Tx/Rx satcom link, a Ku-band wide-beam Tx/Rx antenna. 

Included is a multi-band switching RFE, capable of Ku band or X Band. It uses a 48 inch single-piece parabolic antenna with a dual band feed assembly for the narrowbeam pattern and a tapered horn antenna for the broadbeam pattern. 

The controller accepts azimuth and elevation angle data and positions the reflector accordingly. The X & Ku band dual polarization dual aperture TCDL takes less than 30 minutes for two individuals to erect.

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