The SAT1750-S is a Net-Centric Operations (NCO) portable Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL) capable of providing a high data rate portable 360 degree solution.

This is a Tx and Rx capable Ku band or X Band system. Its modular design features interchangeable Line Replaceable Units (LRUs). The design includes a wide beam antenna for acquisition, integrated controller, no tools needed to change between Common Data Links (CDL) and Intelsat feeds. 

Included are interchangeable feeds to support either X-band or Ku-band, Tx/Rx data link or a Ku Tx/Rx satcom link, a Ku-band wide-beam Tx/Rx antenna. 

Motor driven choice of polarity. Included is a multi-band switching RFE, capable Ku-band or X-band system. 

Integrated GPS provides intelligent positional data. The Ku or X band Net-Centric Operations Portable TCDL takes less than 15 minutes for two individuals to erect.

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