Ka Band Array - Small Planar Integrated Antenna System, High Power, Single Broadcast Steering Vector for Entire Array

ApertureCobham Advanced Electronic Solutions leverages decades of aerospace and defense system design expertise by introducing an integrated high-power Ka-Band Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Antenna system:

256-Element Tx/Rx Ka-Band Array in a Small Package:

  • Small form factor, high power Ka-band array
  • Aperture to data capability for mmWave arrays
  • Flexible and scalable low cost systems
  • Built for rugged defense environments
  • Very fast beam steering and control
  • Broadcast a single steering vector for the entire array

 High TRL to be achieved in 2020/21.




  • 64-Element Sub-Array 1.9” x 1.4”
    256-Element Array: 3.8” x 2.8” x 1”
  • Radar, EW, Missile, UAS, and comms Applications
  • Tx Output Power 1W/Element & low Noise Figure over temp
  • GaN T/R MMIC, SiGe Beam-former RFIC
  • High Speed Beam Steering at Element Level w/ Element Level Control
  • ± 60 Degree Beam-Stearing
  • Supports mono-pulse feature
  • Pulsed or CW Mode
  • Adjustable Power / Half Power
  • Evolutionary path to digital beam-forming and digitization at aperture



General Specifications

Characteristics Performance
Operating Frequency 35 GHz (>10% BW)
Instantaneous Bandwidth > 500 MHz
Scan Volume - Azimuth +/- 60˚
Scan Volume - Elevation +/- 60˚
Scan Loss (+/- 60°) < 3 dB
Azimuth and Elevation BW (3dB) TBC˚
Noise Figure 5.5 dB
Antenna Gain ( 64 / 256 elements ) 23.3 / 29.2 dB
EIRP ( 64 / 256 elements ) 71.3 / 83.3 dBm
Input Voltage 28 V DC
Cooling Liquid Cooled
Operating Temperature -20 – 85˚ C
State Switching Speed 2.5 uS



Development Examples

GaN Chips
Silicon Chip
Organic CCA
Board Design
Antenna Pattern
Advanced Assembly
Process Development
GaN/VM Communication
and Control Validation
Steer and Shape
Radar Beam


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