We strive to consistently deliver and seek to exceed expectations, while improving what we do and how we do it.

Conducting Business Ethically
Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions competes on the basis of its products, technology, quality, service, price and similar competitive factors.  We do not seek to gain any improper advantage through the use of any unfair dealings or practices. 

We are committed to complying with all competition and anti-trust laws applicable in the countries where we operate. 

Corporate Framework
The Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions Corporate Framework sets out the Company's governance structure, including the roles of the Board and its committees, as well as the responsibilities of the CEO and of all Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions employees.  It also sets out the key requirements of our policies, processes and procedures, which have been developed to help employees understand their responsibilities.  These requirements cover many areas of Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions business activities, are regularly reviewed to ensure they are kept current, are easily accessible on out internal intranet, are reviewed on a regular basis, and approved by the Governance Committee. 

Working with Third Parties including Intermediaries
Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions endeavors to develop trusted interpersonal and customer relationships.  We understand our customers' needs, deliver on customer commitments and strive to exceed them every day by staying committed to remaining customer focused.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions expects its suppliers, contractors, and all other third parties to maintain the highest standards of integrity, and to comply with the laws and regulations that govern their business and the business they do on Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions’ behalf.  Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions requires all third parties to comply with Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions Supplier’s Code of Business Conduct. 

Supply Chain

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions is focused on delivering its corporate responsibility and sustainability objectives in ways that offer real long term benefits to our customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees.  Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has a Responsible Supply Chain policy in place which sets out the corporate position reflecting the standards required by our suppliers.   This policy requires a supplier to demonstrate to Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions that it has policies in place that cover a range of areas, including human trafficking and bribery and corruption. The policy requires new suppliers to be assessed before being awarded work, with active suppliers being assessed thereafter. 

Where the use of sub-contractors or other third party organizations has been permitted by Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions, we expect the supplier to implement the same requirements through their own supply chain and their own sub-contractors.

Human Rights, Anti-slavery/Anti-human Trafficking
Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions supports the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and seeks to reflect these in the context of its business activities wherever possible.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions respects the human rights of its employees as set down in the International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. These include the right to an injury-free workplace, a statutory minimum wage, freedom of association,  the elimination of slavery and human trafficking (including forced, compulsory, bonded or child labor), and the elimination of all forms of discrimination in the workplace.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions expects its suppliers to adopt the same principles as Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions itself, and has therefore implemented a supplier due diligence process to ensure that no Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions suppliers are involved in slave labor or human trafficking.  Training on human trafficking and forced labor is provided to all employees, as well as to new Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions employees, to raise awareness of these issues. 

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