If an employee believes someone has violated our standards, we want them to tell us so that we can look into the matter and correct any problems.

How to Raise a Concern

Our Code helps employees make an informed decision and describes what actions to take.  If employees are ever unsure about what to do or believe someone has violated our standards, there are a number of ways to report any such concerns. These include raising the issue with a supervisor, manager, their Ethics Champion, the Ethics and Compliance Officer, Human Resources or via Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions Helpline. 

Our Helpline

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions’ Helpline is hosted and maintained by an independent third party.  Concerns or queries can be raised to the Helpline online, or by telephone, in both English and Spanish.  The online and telephone routes are also available for following up on initial concerns or queries. The Helpline number is: 1-844-850-6484.

The secure web address for our Helpline is, where concerns can be raised or questions asked using an online form.  

The telephone number and web address are published on our internal website, as well as on Helpline posters which are displayed at each site.  The Helpline is hosted by a third party independent of Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions who answers all calls.  Caller ID is never used and no effort is made to trace the calls. When a report is made to the Helpline, a case is generated and entered directly on a secure server. Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions is committed to maintaining confidentiality around any issue to the maximum extent possible. Details of any given case are only available to specific individuals within the company who are involved in investigating the issue. 


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