DDC's New 3U SBC Incorporates Cobham Processor Technology

DDC's New 3U SBC Incorporates Cobham Processor Technology

Cobham's GR740 Quad-Core LEON4FT Processor will be used in Data Device Corporation's latest Rad-Hard Single Board Computer (SBC).

Bohemia, NY & GothenbUrg, Sweden – Data Device Corporation (DDC) and Cobham Gaisler jointly announced today at the RADECS (RADiation Effects on Components and Systems) Conference  that the radiation-hardened GR740 Quad-Core LEON4FT (Fault-Tolerant) Processor device will be used in DDC’s latest Rad-Hard Single Board Computer (SBC), the SCS3740. The two companies signed a long-term agreement on the supply of GR740 processor devices for this SBC earlier this year.

DDC and CobhamDDC, a US based leading global manufacturer of connectivity, power and control solutions for more than 55 years, with its Microelectonics group that specializes in a variety of products, including SBCs for Space, has a long successful history with its TRL-9 SCS750 series SBCs. Since the inception of its Space Microelectronics group, more than 20 years ago, their products have experienced zero failures in space. 

“The GR740 processor was the best choice based on our extensive processor trade study”, said Gale Williamson, Director of Design Engineering at DDC’s Space Microelectronics Business Unit.  “We had the primary goal of keeping the SBC to a 3U form factor, so the highly integrated SoC (system on a chip) quad-core design of the GR740 was significant.  We were able to reduce overall part count, enabling us to meet our goals of low power and high performance, up to 1700 DMIPS, in a 3U form factor.“

Cobham’s GR740 device is a radiation-hardened SoC device featuring a quad-core fault-tolerant LEON4FT SPARC V8 processor, with integrated SpaceWire router and a variety of interfaces. The GR740 has been designed as the European Space Agency's Next Generation Microprocessor (NGMP). The GR740 is currently being qualified for US QML-V and QML-Q standards, as well as for the European ESCC 9000 standard. The development and qualification of the GR740 device is co-funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA) and Cobham.

“We are extremely proud that DDC has chosen the GR740 processor for their newest single board computer. DDC has set the standard for high-end SBCs and we have been supporting them over the years with Intellectual Property (IP) cores for their FPGA designs. It feels like a natural step to deepen our collaboration by introducing the fault-tolerant LEON processor technology in their SBCs”, said Jan Andersson, Director of Engineering, Cobham Gaisler. "We are also supplying operating systems and board support packages, software debuggers, and instruction simulators supporting the GR740 device and the DDC SCS3740, which allows end users to focus fully on their application development.” 

"The SCS3740 allows DDC to offer significant processing and I/O capabilities without requiring significant power or space from the host platform, hitting a sweet spot for rad-hard system integrators that need to minimize SWaP." said Dan Veenstra, Business Unit Manager for the Space Microelectronics Group. 

The SCS3740 is the first off-the-shelf Quad Core LEON4FT 3U SBC and is SWaP (size, weight and power) optimized – weighing less than 500 grams, with a low power consumption of only 5 Watts. With excellent radiation performance for total dose (TID > 100krad(Si)) and Single Event Effects, the SCS3740 provides high performance processing (up to 1700 DMIPS and at least 90 Linpack MFLOPS) in a compact 3U SpaceVPX form factor. It incorporates several of DDC’s Rad-Hard Sp-COTSTM (Space Commercial Off-the-Shelf) memories including 32GB of error corrected NAND Flash, 128MB SDRAM and 4MB EEPROM. In addition it offers many I/O options including (8) SpaceWire ports (200Mb/sec), (2) UART, (2) CANbus, (2) I2C, SPI, GPIO and Ethernet. 

Prototype SCS3740 SBCs are available in limited quantities now and Engineering Grade variants will be available in early 2020. Please visit this website for more information on all of DDC’s products for Space:

For more information about Cobham’s processor and software products, please visit


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